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Ideas That Work!

Everyday we receive inquires from marketers looking for ideas and strategies for them to improve customer retention, to increase incremental value, to stay connected and top-of-mind with their customers and prospects and to help navigate the changing marketing landscape.

For over 20 years we have provided customer driven email data solutions and services to leading companies in multiple industries and we have gained some great insights and ideas along the way, but there is no silver bullet. What works for one client doesn’t necessarily means it will work for the next; they may have vastly different customer lifetime value metrics or customer purchasing cycles for example.

Ideas start by thoroughly understanding your marketing roadmap and marketing baseline driven by your initiatives and programs then to uncover the customer interactions and touch points that can make an immediate impact to improve business performance.

Improving your email acquisition initiatives, more emails means more sales and woo your customers are just a few snippets of ideas that have worked for many of our clients.  We would invite you to explore some of the posted ideas on your own or contact us to set up a consultation with an email data solution expert.

Email data is easy to get wrong and difficult to do well, yet many marketers fail to use the data they’ve captured to target their marketing communications more effectively.

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