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Virtually every activity conducted online that requires an interaction or exchange of information requires a valid email address as identity and/or a communication point.  While there is a proliferation of social media and channels, an email address is still the backbone of all online communications and an integral part of people’s business and personal lives. 

In the age of social media, a growing number of consumers are a member of social sites connecting from a multitude of digital devices and spending increasing amounts of time there.  This migration to social and online media presents a challenge for marketers as consumers are spending less time with traditional advertising in general.  

By appending valid emails to your customer and prospect files, you’ll receive tremendous customer communication benefits while quickly and cost effectively improving your overall marketing programs by expanding your marketing reach and increasing your digital touch points.

Benefits You Will Realize:

  • Extending the reach of your social media marketing efforts
  • Positioning your marketing programs to realize their full potential
  • Increased incremental sales and reduce costs, increasing productivity and profits
  • Improved customer retention - Offer your customers the convenience and immediacy of online communications & transactions. 
  • More effective support of your other direct response initiatives - email in conjunction with other channels has proven to increase overall response rates.
  • Improved customer satisfaction by appealing to customer communication preferences
  • Improved overall communication ROI
  • Improved customer experience
  • Staying more connected with customers
  • Communicating more effectively
  • Expanding your customer and prospect relationships
  • Growing your email file and increasing your online relationships
  • Driving Multi-Channel Marketing Effectiveness
  • You’ll have a new touch point for your customers and to expand your marketing options!


  • Improved relevance & effectiveness of an integrated online / offline marketing strategy
  • Expanded Social media reach
  • Connecting customers with your brand online
  • Increasing online brand awareness
  • Building a Solid Multi-Channel Strategy - Complement your direct mail, telemarketing or other marketing media with online communications to reinforce your brand.
  • Keeping your brand top-of-mind through consistent relevant and interactive email communications

Customer Service:

  • Reducing calls to your call center
  • Saving postage and increasing receivables
  • Driving customers to online customer service
  • Getting customers to opt-in to paperless statements

Email serves as a cost effective channel to communicate with your customers and prospects.  Improve and expand your customer reach by appending current and valid email addresses to your customer database. Email Append LLC is a pioneer in consumer and business email appending since 1999, let us help you create new and more effective ways to communicate with your customers!

Request additional information or contact an email data consultant at 781-631-3600 x1 to discuss your potential benefits!