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Email Prospecting Ecosystem

Target  ● Contact  Engage ● Acquire

Add value to your growth initiatives by creating and implementing your own custom email prospecting ecosystem.  Our hosted solution coupled with an array of complementary marketing services is designed to convert your highly qualified prospects into customers while lowering your acquisition costs.

The email prospecting ecosystem is a closed-looped continuity email program focusing on customer acquisition.  Multiple messages are sent in multiple waves meant to deliver relevance, generate response and to foster continuous improvements.  You, the marketer, maintain total control over the entire process by selecting the targeted audience, providing the message content and dictating the message cadence.  And the best part, you only pay for messages that get delivered!


  • Deploy 3, 6, 9 or 12 messages to the same universe to drive conversion
  • One stop source
  • Consumer and Business-to-Business focused
  • Core of solution driven by email marketing and Email Append LLC email data
  • Totally closed-loop solution to foster and leverage learning from previous campaigns
  • Compliance with existing corporate email requirements
  • Data enhancement to build prospect profiles


  • Creating 1st party relationship with prospects
  • Stay top-of-mind with prospects to increase conversion, loyalty, and lifetime-value.
  • Deliverability expertise insures your branded acquisition message gets delivered and opened
  • You only pay for delivered email messages
  • Best practice is to keep customer and prospect email initiatives and infrastructure totally separate
  • You don’t have to deal with deliverability issues and ISP concerns
  • Low cost way to drive new customer acquisition
  • Extends reach from other prospecting initiatives into online initiatives
  • Deeper and more relevant understanding of prospects
  • Creating a marketing channel to provide exclusive offers, create awareness and deliver other benefits to the prospect universe that will stimulate demand for your product or service

Marketers are playing a much larger role in driving growth for organizations and must become adept at uncovering exciting marketing opportunities and delivering a significant amount of new leads. Often, the process of acquiring new customers is extremely costly and time consuming.   Our email prospecting ecosystem approach provides the highest possible return on your marketing investment by using email information products and services, data, data processing and analysis to create strategies based on your goals, profit drivers, and resources.

Request additional information or contact an email data consultant at 781-631-3600 x1 to discuss your acquisition initiatives.