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Email Data Hygiene, Validation and Verification

The old adage “garbage in — garbage out” has never been truer then in the world of email marketing. Plus its impact has never been so great, garbage email addresses negatively impact your campaign results and your sender reputation.  Our email data consultants have the expertise to assess your email data quality issues and provide a plan for optimizing effectiveness that will return the highest quality results.

Our email data cleansing is based on self-learning rule sets designed to catch newly created traps or existing trap configuration changes as they happen. This process ensures a more effective cleansing with minimal to no false positives, in addition to gaining an unprecedented view and insight, revealing hidden aspects of your data not normally found with traditional scrubbing. All of this results in robust, comprehensive reporting of a highly deliverable address list. 

Key Highlights of Our Core Cleansing Process

  • Removal of direct traps, secondary mole traps, bot clickers, quarantined elements, and third party oversight seeds, generally from numerous, publicly observed leading spam advisory and email traffic monitoring sites
  • Managed anti-spam, network protected domains, or SaaS Threat Classification (unknowing recipients turned into secondary moles or involuntary traps).
  • Removal of invalid TLDs or top level domain extensions as determined by IANA database (The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority)
  • Removal of non-deliverable domains and email addresses (DNS validation, parked and invalid TLDs and syntax error emails) based per RFC standards
  • Duplicate address removal
  • Foreign address separation or removal, sourced from known TLD extensions, proprietary views as provided by domain registrars and Regional Internet Registries (AfriNIC, APNIC, ARIN, LACNIC, RIPE).
  • Removal of departmentalized emails (info@ etc.)
  • Self learning recipient address pattern algorithm for hard to find HAMY (Hotmail, AOL, MSN, Yahoo) and other top provider traps
  • Removal of mobile users (as sourced from the FTC DNE List)
  • Litigious address removal – removal of companies and people who purposely seed or have been known to historically sue
  • Removal of addresses containing threat strings (bad words, known trap phrases, names, etc.)
  • Removal of industry known habitual complainers
  • Character field removal – removal of leading and trailing spaces within data fields

Email Append LLC is constantly striving to improve our process for cleansing and maintaining not only our email data but our client’s email data as well. It is with this focus in mind that we endeavor to remove non-deliverable data elements while purging any email-based traps, secondary moles, and other third party oversight seeds. The end result is to minimize the number of email bounces, keep you off third party blacklists, and enhance the consistency and deliverability of the data provided and to maintain your positive reputation in the ISP community.


Request additional information or contact an email data consultant at 781-631-3600 x1