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Customer Data Integration (CDI)

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Today’s marketplace is interactive, multi-channeled, highly commoditized and all too often, impersonal. There is an inherent expectation by consumers to be recognized by a company regardless of the communication channel. Customer data integration initiatives, designed to build a single view of the customer, helps marketers communicate effectively with their customers because they consistently access the same comprehensive customer information.  Accurate customer recognition is the foundation for assuring a positive consumer experience.

Customer and prospect data is a company’s most valuable asset, driving product development, sales strategy and marketing success.  But achieving consistency is tricky.  Companies have billions of pieces of data about consumers coming from various channels, residing on disparate platforms and in different formats, all captured with varying levels of accuracy.

Our CDI Solution
Email Append LLC is equipped to assess each client’s data quality, identify ways to maximize strengths in the data, improve problem areas and deliver to each client a data optimization plan designed to meet their specific long-term goals for all marketing channels.  We help our clients develop a single view of their customers, allowing different profit centers within a company to access the same accurate, comprehensive information and communicate more consistently with customers.

Our customer data integration (CDI) solution is based on a comprehensive plan for improving data effectiveness and value.  We work with clients to enable them to:

  • Assess data sources, elements and update frequencies
  • Plan for optimized data quality and business rules
  • Clean and improve contact information
  • Recognize customers and prospects across time and channel
  • Enrich views of their customers by applying predictive data
  • Deliver the right data to the right channel at the right time!

Email data solutions are maximized when the consumer’s relationship with the company can be recognized and their value to the organization understood.  This will be the foundation of delivering the right message to the right channel at the right time, assuring a positive consumer experience.

It is our goal to help make our client’s data more valuable and to provide our clients with optimal return on their marketing and sales dollar!!

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