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Outsource Your Email Database

Every month we process and update hundreds of millions of email records from multiple sources to keep our email database as accurate and deliverable as possible.  We employ our own customer data integration processes along with our customized business rules to create a single view of the individual on our email database.  These capabilities, along with our ability to provide data processing, email hygiene, enhancement data and consultative services under one roof makes outsourcing your email database to Email Append LLC a very comprehensive & compelling solution.

The same process, technology and infrastructure we use for our own email database will be leveraged for your benefit.  As an email data solution provider Email Append LLC considers itself to be a true marketing partner to our clients. Our philosophy as a data solution provider is to provide a high level of customer support and technical expertise to our clients while also providing our other core competencies as well as leveraging best practices from previous client engagements and industry standards.  We have been able to improve the overall effectiveness of our client’s multi channel marketing campaigns by delivering innovative solutions and the highest quality data that has enabled our clients to acquire, retain and maximize relationships with their most profitable customers, via both online and traditional channels.

By sharing our best practices throughout the database build and operational processes, you’ll be able to:

  • Identify those areas for improvement which will yield the most significant business gains
  • Develop recommendations for logical next steps
  • Develop long term strategies and development objectives
  • Compare your practices with industry standards and best practices
  • Improve your ROI and minimize project risks

Our relationship marketing and data-driven approach has manifested itself in how we have architected our infrastructure, the types of clients we serve, and how we have staffed our client services organization.  Our dedicated client services team offers a synergistic blend of marketing expertise and technical capability to ensure the effective management of your email database.  

Request additional information or contact an email data consultant at 781-631-3600 x1 to discuss outsourcing your email database!