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Business Email Append

It truly is Art & Science!

Corporate email appending is as much art as it is science. Business email addresses, unlike personal or consumer email addresses tend to conform to naming convention standards set forth by a company’s information technology group. Based on referencing a company’s domain/URL and their naming convention, Email Append LLC creates valid and deliverable email addresses to append to your file.

We have developed technology, proprietary algorithms and reference tables that focus on and support businesses with 20 or more employees. Since businesses are constantly changing, our algorithms are updated after each and every project to reflect the most current business information and to provide you the highest and most accurate emails to append.

Our business email appending match rates are the highest in the industry!  Let us help expand your marketing options to reach more business..........

The Process

With Email Append LLC, you can accurately append your B2B file with email address, phone numbers, and deep business demographics that will provide you expanded reach at a lower cost. Here’s how it works.………....

Step 1 - Hygiene and Standardization

We will receive and standardize your customer file, including company name, to ensure the highest possible match rate. We will remove duplicate records and apply standard address hygiene, including CASS. We work with most data formats, and your information will always be protected within our secure system environment. If your file is missing data elements we can append contact names, titles and other business demographic information to each record. Please inquire to learn more.

Step 2 – Email Match and Generation

We identify the domain used for email by your contact's company (e.g. for Cisco). The naming convention (e.g. firstname.lastname) for that domain is determined by consulting our reference tables and database of unique email addresses. Your contact's email address is derived by following the pattern for their company’s domain and naming convention. Our algorithm and database are updated after each project.

Step 3 – Validation & Verification

After creating an email address for your contacts we then send a confirmation email to:

  • Confirm the Email Address Accuracy
  • Allow the Recipient to opt-out
  • Control Quality

If our first derivative of the contact's email address is unsuccessful we will attempt other possible nicknames (e.g. William to Bill) or other common naming conventions. If the address remains undeliverable, it is discarded at no charge to you.

Note: You provide the email copy and content of the message and we will transmit it as part of the validation and verification process.

Step 4 - File Delivery

All validated and delivered email addresses and opt-outs are returned to you. You are only charged for the valid and delivered addresses. Expected match rates do vary.

Email Append LLC complies with and exceeds CAN-SPAM and conducts an opt-out permission pass for every client.

Minimum Fields Required:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Company Name
  • Street Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip


Request additional information or contact an email data consultant at 781-631-3600 x1