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Email List Audit

Email serves as a cost effective channel to communicate with your customers and prospects.  Email address quality is more important than ever before and it is critical to a successful marketing campaign as it affects everything from your sender reputation to the total revenue derived from your campaign efforts.  Unfortunately, email addresses do not remain static.  Our Email List Audit capabilities identify duplicates, invalid emails, inactive emails, abandon emails, typos, formatting problems, syntax errors, bogus and otherwise problematic email addresses within your email list/file, all of which are contributing to your lower overall deliverability and response rates.

Our Email List Audit is the first step of our core cleansing process and will assess your email data quality issues and provide a plan for optimizing effectiveness that will return the highest quality results.

Benefits to you include:

  • Maintain a cleaner email database
  • Improve email deliverability and response rates
  • Reduce marketing costs associated with bouncing emails
  • Maintain and improve your positive reputation in the ISP community

As a result of our Email List Audit, you will have bad email addresses identified and flagged.  You will be able to obtain new and vaild emails for these email addresses gone bad by using our email change of address service - ECOALink® to replace your bad address with a vaild new one!

The old adage “garbage in — garbage out” has never been truer then in the world of email marketing.  Let us help you keep your email data clean and to maximize the effort and results of your email campaigns!


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