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Analyze Email Addresses to Gain Social Insight

In the age of social media and digital marketing, a growing number of consumers are a member of social sites connecting from a multitude of digital devices and spending increasing amounts of time there.  This migration to social media presents a challenge for marketers as consumers are spending less time with traditional advertising in general. 

Email Append LLC brings consumer data intelligence social targeting by providing marketers the ability to recognize and participate in this social media exchange by using an email address as a conduit to engage and ignite conversations.  By leveraging our core email data competencies we enable marketers to recognize, communicate and engage with socially active customers and prospects within online communities to drive interaction, loyalty and word-of-mouth marketing.

Through our intelligent social targeting you will be able to determine:

  • WHO your social consumers are – Demographics, location, etc.
  • WHAT interest your social consumers have – Interests, lifestyles, brand affinities, etc.
  • WHERE they online socially hang out – Which sites they participate in 
  • WHOM they are connected with – Friends and associates
  • WIDTH of their connections– Size of their network and online influence

Keep in mind that while you consider or reevaluate your online marketing efforts, remember that the more social media use means more email use and that email is universal and social networks are not!

New email addresses for your client and prospect base will extend the reach of your social media marketing efforts. Email Append LLC will help marketers to discover their online relationships and “socialize consumer data” making it even more relevant for their marketing initiatives in today’s marketing landscape.

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