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Consumer Email Append

Email serves as a cost effective channel to communicate with your customers and prospects.  Improve and expand your customer reach by appending current and valid email addresses to your customer database.   Email Append LLC is a pioneer in consumer and business email appending since 1999, let us help you create new and more effective ways to communicate with your customers!


Appending valid emails to your customer file is easy.  We leverage our proprietary matching/appending technologies to deliver you the highest and most accurate match rates possible.  Our proprietary match code explains how each match was determined and allows you total control to manage what email matches we send through the “permission pass” process.  

As an option, some of our clients have us append consumer demographic and lifestyle information during the append process, this enables processing efficiencies by appending email addresses, demographic and lifestyle information in a single pass of your file.  The same holds true for our business email append clients where we append an email address and business information in a single pass.  This also provides some pricing efficiencies as well. 
The email append steps are as follows:

1) Send Your File to Email Append LLC

We support every file format type and maintain a secure FTP site and support file encryption if necessary.

Required minimum data elements to be sent include:
Consumer Append – Consumer name and address, Record ID
Business Append – Business Contact name, Company name and address, Record ID

We never require any personally identifiable information on your customers to perform the email append process. 

2) We Match Your File

At this point, you’ll need to decide what type of match would best suit your needs: Individual, Household or All Per. 
Individual - An individual match is an exact match to the name you provide us. 
Household - A household match is anyone over 18 years old in the household if an individual match doesn’t exist.
All Per - An all per match is where we will return back all emails matched to the name you provide us.  Since most people maintain multiple personal email addresses, it is conceivable that we’ll have multiple email addresses for the same person on our email database.

Match rates vary based on whether this is your first append or an ongoing quarterly append, in any event you could expect the following:
Consumer Match Rate – 15% to 45%
Business Match Rate – 10% to 50%

Your actual match rate may vary. 

Our proprietary match code explains how each match was determined allowing you total control on how we match your file.  Exact matches are obvious but names are commonly misspelled. So for example, we’ll match “Carmella” from your file to “Carmela” on our email database as long as the last name and address match exactly.  This type of match will be coded and you’ll be able to determine if you would like to use these matches at the end of the process.  The same holds true for address components once we pass your file though our address hygiene process and get coded as such.

3) Send a Welcome/Permission Pass Email to your new Email Universe

  • This email introduces the benefits of receiving email from you, and gives them the opportunity to remove themselves (opt-out) if they do not want to receive emails from you in the future.
  • We will help you create the copy for your email to deliver optimal results.  We will consult you on tips, techniques and best practices to maximize your results.   
  • We will transmit your "welcome/permission pass" email that will identify and eliminate bad email addresses and opt-outs.  
  • Opt-out rates vary based on your relationship and your brand to your client.

4) The BEST part!!   

  • You have a new touch point for your customers and to expand your marketing options!
  • You only pay for delivered emails and are protected by our 14-day deliverability guarantee. 
  • We will return your original file with your NEW customer email addresses appended at the end of each record. 
  • We will return a separate opt-out file for those recipients who opted-out during the welcome/permission pass process.  Customers who opted-out from receiving email communications from you should be analyzed. This is a great source to analyze non-brand loyalty. 

Gaining initial permission is only the beginning! It is incumbent upon you, the marketer, to maintain your customer's permission and ongoing interest in your communications.  You must provide valuable ongoing email communications to your customers to avoid unsubscribing in the future.

Our Commitment to Data Quality
We offer the most accurate and deliverable email addresses in the market.  Delivering the highest quality data to our clients is vital to our corporate mission and our client’s success.  We believe that accurate, timely consumer information is a critical component of successful Customer Relationship Management and overall marketing communications. To that end, we employ a unified, company-wide data quality  management system for evaluating our data assets.  Our data quality best practices include complex methodologies for the continuous measurement, analysis, benchmarking, trending and improvement of data quality. In addition, we’re committed to researching and creating new processes that enhance information quality.    

Key Features:

  • We subscribe to all industry best practices and comply with CAN-SPAM
  • We offer exceptional customer service and support, you will have a dedicated and experienced Client Services representative consult and manage all aspect of your project.
  • You are only charged for deliverable emails with our unique 14-Day Deliverability Guarantee.
  • We leverage our proprietary matching/appending technologies to deliver you the highest and most accurate match rates possible.
  • Our proprietary match code explains how each match was determined and allows you total control to manage what email matches we send through the “welcome/permission pass” process.
  • Flexible consumer and business matching options available: Individual, Household (business site) or All Per. 
  • Ability to add consumer demographics or business firmographics during the email append process.


Request additional information or contact an email data consultant at 781-631-3600 x1

Appending valid emails to your files is quick and easy and provides you a new and more effective way to communicate with your customers and prospects.