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Reverse Email Append

Behind every email is a person and every person can be analyzed, segmented, and marketed to!

All marketers are examining and fine-tuning their online customer data capture processes which typically links directly to all other marketing activity.  However, despite efforts to maximize online customer data capture most consumers are very distrustful of simply handing over their personal data to some website.  It does appear that the more recognized your brand the more willing a consumer will provide you some of their personal data.  But at a minimum, a consumer is comfortable in providing their email address in exchange for a communication benefit.

So they provided you their email address, now what?  What do you know about this person? You might know what pages they visited, items or links they explored, and perhaps a lot more information as they navigate your site.  But they are still a nameless, faceless, anonymous and unknown consumer.    

The Value of Reverse Email Append
 What you know about the consumer  What you know after REVERSE EMAIL APPEND
  • Email address
  • Web pages visited
  • Basic site navigation analytics
  • Name and USPS address
  • Are they a current customer
  • Age, income, lifestyle, interests, etc.....and much, much more! 

The differences are obvious and the benefits are enormous. The deeper the user profile information the more valuable the customer base becomes and the more potential there is for improved customer retention, acquisition and improved overall web site ROI.  Turn your anonymous online relationships and your online data capture process into a profitable marketing machine.

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