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Expand your Marketing options and receive tremendous customer communication benefits...

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Ideas That Work

Business email appending enables you to communicate more effectively and be more profitable...

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Append Benefits

Quickly and cost effectively improve your email programs by expanding your marketing reach...

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Woo Your Customer’s Shrinking Wallets Online

Most marketers are increasingly cautious with their budgets, however they still need to reach their offline and online audiences to woo their shrinking wallets with messages and offers online.................hence, via email!

Email marketing is highly measurable and it will maintain its place in many budgets while increasing in others, as marketers look for secure and effective methods to combat fear in an economic meltdown.

Have offline customers? - Append new and valid email addresses to offline customers and prospects where you may have never communicated with them online before.  By engaging them online you'll foster and receive immediate and trackable interactions.

Have online customers? - Append new and valid email addresses to online customers and prospects whose email addresses are no longer deliverable by using our email change of address service-ECOALink®.   Since most individuals maintain 3 or more email addresses, we can link a new address to your online customer.

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