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Consumer Demographics

Add more value and horsepower to the consumer email addresses we provide you or that you may already have by leveraging our consumer file which includes some of the most extensive data elements in the business and containing hundreds of variables such as demographics, income, interests, lifestyles, hobbies and much more.  These attributes will enhance your understanding of your customers’ behavior, facilitate modeling applications, and maximize the effectiveness of targeted behavioral and attitudinal initiatives.  These demographics and lifestyle attributes provide valuable perspective at the individual, household, and neighborhood levels.

By receiving additional insight into your consumer preferences and behaviors via our accurate and actionable consumer data you’ll acquire the power to clearly recognize and respond to your customers’ wants, needs and expectations.


New Mover Data - We offer leading new mover information that will allow you to identify movers who move within your designated market area or to trigger an opportunity to market your products or services to them.  This presents a great opportunity to communicate your brand and your value proposition to the new household.

Ethnic Data – Identify different ethnic households within your customer or prospect base for specific sales and marketing promotions. Appealing to the recipient’s ethnicity can increase the return on your sales and marketing dollar.

Lifestyle Data – Great for segmentation purposes by identifying lifestyle attributes that can equate to a better understanding of customer behavior that can drive messaging and offers.

IP Data – Used in geo-targeting for online advertising.  We have 100% IP address coverage on our email database to help you target your customers and prospects more effectively online.

Additionally, our comprehensive email database contains all of the consumer data elements to allow you to segment and select a target audience that can be deployed via our own Email Prospecting Ecosystem.

Remember, in addition to offering you valid and deliverable consumer email addresses, we can provide insight into consumer preferences and behaviors meaning better returns for you and your sales and marketing initiatives!

Request additional information or contact a consumer data consultant at 781-631-3600x 1